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  • Sharpen almost any knife in seconds. Safe, with no skill required.
  • Sharpen garden tools easily. Sharpens lawn mower blades without replacing them.
  • Cut Anything' multi-function scissors for home, kitchen, office or workshop.

Silver-Layout-7d8f96ef7d524650489f30d8a32e8f8b.jpgSupport FAQ

Do I need to apply a lot of pressure?

  • NO
  • Draw knife backwards only. Do not push forwards

Do I have to replace the sharpening tools?

  • AnySharp Pro and AnySharp Global do not have replaceable sharpening tools.
  • However, they should last for many years in normal use.

Can I sharpen ceramic knives?

  • NO
  • AnySharp knife sharpeners are not designed for ceramic knives and should not be used, as it will damage your knife. For sharpening ceramic knives, please refer to your knife manufacturer.

Can I sharpen all serrated blades?

  • NO
  • AnySharp knife sharpeners work only on wide toothed serrated blades. They do not work on fine toothed serrated knives, and should not be used for that purpose.

Can I sharpen Japanese knives and swords?

  • AnySharp will be effective on all normal and hardened steel knives. The only knife we do not recommend you use AnySharp on is a ceramic knife.
  • Tungsten carbide cutting tools are harder than any steel blade. However, please use care. With too much pressure, AnySharp can be too aggressive. For these kinds of precision tools, we recommend you see a specialist.

Is AnySharp safe for kids?

  • Yes! BUT the knife gets very sharp. We recommend that children do not use.

How is AnySharp Pro different from AnySharp Global?

  • The main difference is the main sharpener body, where AnySharp Global is ABS plastic, and AnySharp Pro is a metal alloy.
  • AnySharp Pro also comes with a 10 year lifetime warranty, in place of AnySharp Global's 2 year product warranty. Furthermore, AnySharp Pro is aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing, with a modern matte metal finish and a weightier feel.

What angle is AnySharp set to?

  • The AnySharp is preset at 20 degrees, which is the optimum angle for good quality steel knives.

Most of your questions can be answered by using our FAQ shown above. If you need further product support please complete the form below and our support team will be intouch.


Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty
Our promise to you. All AnySharp products purchased from Official Dealers are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back.

Our products are designed for the following:

  • easy to use, setup and maintain
  • work well, reliably and hassle free
  • require minimal references to manuals or guides (preferably none at all!)
  • do exactly what we say it will do

Not happy? Get your money back!

We're willing to guarantee the products will work, or you simply inform the dealer and return it within 7 days for a full replacement or refund. No worries, no problems, no issues. It needs to be in perfect condition, of course, with packaging in a fit state for the product to be resold.

You're either happy, or you get your money back. Simple.

AnySharp Sharpener Products Lifetime Warranty!

AnySharp Pro comes with a performance satisfaction guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product, which is about 10 years, or 10,000 operations. AnySharp Global and AnySharp Edge come with the same satisfaction guarantee, but the operational lifetime is 2 years, or 2,000 operations in each case.The lifetime warranty covers every part of the sharpeners, not just the sharpening tools.

Smart Sizzors Lifetime Warranty!

Smart Sizzors come with a performance satisfaction guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product, which is about 10 years, or 10,000 operations. Our warranties cover every part of the scissors, not just the blades.

Commercial & Reseller Warranty

Any defective goods will be replaced by your immediate supplier. We will replace goods if goods were supplied directly.

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